Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I thought of Germany part 5

so, the home stay.
overall, it kind of ruined the trip for me but also, I kind of liked it. basically we went with out partners to school to learn about the differances between american schools and german schools. there were a ton, but thats for a seperate post. basically what i did during the home stay was talk to home on my ipod, meander about Eggenfelden (where we stayed), and make the most of being on my own in a differant country. when we did do group things, like when i and a bunch of other students and their partners took a train to a bigger city, it was generally okay. we'd shop around, get lunch at nice places that werent expensive, that was the biggest shock, how cheap a nice restaurant was! 10 euro and you could have a nice lunch for what in the US would be maybe 20 dollars for somethign less nice. anyway. during the home stay i went to a few parties, had a few drinks, fun stuff. of course we werent allowed to drink, but now that the trips over i think its safe to put out. not like i can get into trouble anymore ;3.
my favorite part of the town was the fact that you could sit outside, out in the road practically, and it was totally normal. the cafes just spilled out into the streets and plazas and cars just drove farther away. very nice and clean, too. i don't think i ever saw any litter, even in slummier places.
most of the other students bonded more with their partners than i did, so that may have been my only problem with the home stay was that i was essentially staying with a stranger v.v

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