Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I thought of Germany part 5

so, the home stay.
overall, it kind of ruined the trip for me but also, I kind of liked it. basically we went with out partners to school to learn about the differances between american schools and german schools. there were a ton, but thats for a seperate post. basically what i did during the home stay was talk to home on my ipod, meander about Eggenfelden (where we stayed), and make the most of being on my own in a differant country. when we did do group things, like when i and a bunch of other students and their partners took a train to a bigger city, it was generally okay. we'd shop around, get lunch at nice places that werent expensive, that was the biggest shock, how cheap a nice restaurant was! 10 euro and you could have a nice lunch for what in the US would be maybe 20 dollars for somethign less nice. anyway. during the home stay i went to a few parties, had a few drinks, fun stuff. of course we werent allowed to drink, but now that the trips over i think its safe to put out. not like i can get into trouble anymore ;3.
my favorite part of the town was the fact that you could sit outside, out in the road practically, and it was totally normal. the cafes just spilled out into the streets and plazas and cars just drove farther away. very nice and clean, too. i don't think i ever saw any litter, even in slummier places.
most of the other students bonded more with their partners than i did, so that may have been my only problem with the home stay was that i was essentially staying with a stranger v.v

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I thought of Germany part 4

once we left dresden, we went to a little place called seiffen, a woodworking place full of quiant houses and the best tobaggon slide known to man.
we all went 2 times. then nerdbitch (this guy who thought he was super awesome cuz he'd been everywhere thrice and talked like a nerd and went to college full time since middle school. he read twilight the whole trip and im more than a little sure he was gay) had an allergic reaction to something and had to be taken to a hospital. >_> i lol'd even though tis terrible. in berlin he spent 5 hours wandering round a tiny lil place when we could have taken a bus and saved my poor bleeding feet. ill put that later if i get bored i spose....
ANYWAY, we went and meandered about the little open air museum type old town, bought some cool wood things... i got these two things called smokers. basically incense burners. the creation of the month was this family of dragons /)*3*(\ i wanted the scaredy one and the grandpa... but there was no more opas v.v so i got a mama dragon instead :3
for this one night we stayed at a jugendherberge that was actually an old CASTLE. SO. AWESOME.
4 room mates, we played i've never and i always, best part of the trip where i was around people >_>

What I thought of Germany part 3

the second week of being in germany....
the first half was Dresden. WAY FUCKING PRETTIER THAN BERLIN. we were there for 3 days only though QQ
on the way there we stopped in Morritzburg and got a ton of ginger bread ;3
first day in dresden we went to the Grunes Gwolbe, the best museum ive ever seen o3o
so many shiny jewles and victorian things.... QQ why couldnt I have been a victorian princess?
anyway..... we stayed in a really nice jugend herberge, where i got laughed at by scoff bitch because i had my own room due to a mix up. i would have preferred a room mate to feel less like an outcast but....whatever i got to chill and fart in my own room and generally slob it up without worry....sooo nice after the first week of trying to be perfect. >:C
the second day we went to poland and got a huge mess of pottery. I bought a bunch of plates, a teapot, some assorted little things for my family (tortoise and a cat thing). also some spoons but only 2 survived the airline e_e
we also went to the fifa US v korea soccor game, first sport id been to. was super awesome besides the huge lines and the HEAT QQ got a nice shirt though :3
that was also the day we went to the zwinger :3 very pretty place, wish we could have stayed for more than 10 mins e_e

What I thought of Germany part 2

So. the first week.
well the first days were the worst. getting to know a bunch of strangers from school that were known for being cliche-ably preppy. three guys, 10 girls. shit gets bad.
anyway so basically the time we spent in Berlin was used for shopping and being forced into a group system so we all got to know each other. :l basically i kept having this one total bitch in my group. always scoffing or being particularly passive aggressive at anything i did. scoffing, sighing and crossing her arms, being an attention whore, all sorts of things that she only did when i mentioned i had to go to the bank, or go to a drugstore, or buy a souvenir.... >:C
highlights - I went to a German zoo, or at least part of it. we went late so we had to hurry but it was still pretty awesome. I bought a hat shaped like a polar bear.
sooo many souvenirs, and cheap restaurants! we went out every night and only spent maybe 5 euro a person. sooo awesome.
for most of the days we'd been given an objective, go here, take a picture of this, do that... generally annoying shit that no one did and we all lied about so we could buy alcohol and candy. Kadewe...could have been better. the first time i went, we got lost and didn't do anything. the second time i got ditched by the bitch from before and this other girl. alone with a pissed off, self loving musician, we stomped round the thing for hours until he finally gave in and went up to the FRONT GODDAMN DESK to call our teachers, then instead of taking the bus to the hotel, we walked. my feet were already murdering me and he was basically running >:C.
well any way we got back and they'd gone to the hotel to take naps :l great.
the day after the kadewe thing, we went on a tour of some museums and churches, which really were gorgeous. but my feet were literally bleeding so i was limping along behind everyone trying to have fun around scoffbitch and her posse. ugh.
the second to last day in Berlin we went to sachsenhousen concentration camp. apparently picked because it was one of the least grotesque camps. thanks school. i love having things picked for me. oh also we technically weren't supposed to drink either, the teacher was a mormon and disallowed even handing out the parental forms. :l didn't stop us though.

What I thought of Germany part 1

so, first post.
In june I went on an exchange program to Germany. first impresion....the whole country reeks of cigarette smoke. that aside, gorgeous place. landed in frankfurt after a 9 hour flight and had to get on another to Berlin imediatly. Lets just say I'd never flown before so I just followed people. badly. i got lost 3 times >_>
anyway. first hotel was this sort of old, homey place with a rep for maids that take silly things like toothpaste. I'll say this now, I was at least a year older than every one else on the trip, to most of them i was 2 years older. I had to share a room at that hotel with 2 juniors that were already friends. I'm not social so it was a pain in the ass to be around people that much. first night i realised something. the stores didnt take my chase credit card and my mom had told me to buy things like soap in Germany too prevent somethign spilling. we werent allowed to go off on our own and no one knew how to use the banks. I had no soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, q tips; nothing. not even a towel because I'd packed in a hurry.
so the first week in Berlin was really really shitty.