Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I thought of Germany part 3

the second week of being in germany....
the first half was Dresden. WAY FUCKING PRETTIER THAN BERLIN. we were there for 3 days only though QQ
on the way there we stopped in Morritzburg and got a ton of ginger bread ;3
first day in dresden we went to the Grunes Gwolbe, the best museum ive ever seen o3o
so many shiny jewles and victorian things.... QQ why couldnt I have been a victorian princess?
anyway..... we stayed in a really nice jugend herberge, where i got laughed at by scoff bitch because i had my own room due to a mix up. i would have preferred a room mate to feel less like an outcast but....whatever i got to chill and fart in my own room and generally slob it up without worry....sooo nice after the first week of trying to be perfect. >:C
the second day we went to poland and got a huge mess of pottery. I bought a bunch of plates, a teapot, some assorted little things for my family (tortoise and a cat thing). also some spoons but only 2 survived the airline e_e
we also went to the fifa US v korea soccor game, first sport id been to. was super awesome besides the huge lines and the HEAT QQ got a nice shirt though :3
that was also the day we went to the zwinger :3 very pretty place, wish we could have stayed for more than 10 mins e_e

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