Wednesday, March 28, 2012

oh FFS

ill still keep some of my diet stuff here, but im moving more over to tumblr orz
not like i have any followers <_>

Saturday, March 10, 2012


well... I've finally decided on a college I want.... its even got the courses all in a neat lil thing.
but i didnt take act or sat, im shit at math, and im broke. ;-; I just wanna make REAL SCIENCE. but the only way im getting into uw is a year of prep for both tests because fuck math and then even more years of raising money and moving out to my grans. who stresses me and doesnt ask before she puts plate of cake in my hand and wont pay for decent internet because her hotspot from verizon is 'better'. at 900 ping and .01 dl how can i even justify how much i spent on computer stuff to date ;----;
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr why cant it ever just be easy....

maybe i can get my shit together and do one of those kickstarter campains. that would work right ;m;

on another note, my diets going decently :V only problem is i still drink a ton of soda. so ive got like a half pound out of the 50/60 im going for. >_>

Friday, February 17, 2012


well that was a fun month :l internet kept going, power kept going, HDD DIED >:C
diet got sidetracked as well :c
stuck to a low cal, but i lost track and counting was taking up way too much time. also, I found this Supplement called hgc that ive been using. supposedly its a pregnancy hormone designed to.... to... well, to help you lose weight somehow :l its been working though, the boots I bought as to use as a checkpoint fit now, so ive lost most of my huge calves ~~~<3
aaaahh, i need a scale though.

on another note, I may be moving in July x3 yaaay no more renting crappy houses. And once i move, Ill do a review on this city and more importantly, THIS house. You might not even beleive how terrible the condition Ive been living in is ;-;

Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh, no....

this week.... kinda sucked balls for my diet.
check in first:
1000<i forgot to count calories at dinner today so im rounding up>

while its still close to my limit, going over at all means im getting lax. last week id been sticking around the 80-900 range.
last friday id been out shopping, and eaten at a restaurant that was SUPER UNHEALTHY. so i went over. this week friday, my mom made pizza QQ
ate 1000 calories worth. terrible!
today after the pizza i felt all kinds of heavy so i just a minute ago did my usual calesthenic crap. pushups, lunges, situps and crunches, normal stuff i can do at home
wish i had a scale.......

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh. Oops.

I've been keeping track of how many calories I've been eating in a journal. I'd count here, but the blogger 'signyououtandloginasagmailaccount' thing doesn't make my computer happy.
ANYWAY, I've been posting about my goals and such, and as I'm seven days into my diet, thought I'd give a check in.

Basically what I've done to keep track of calories is write everything i eat, and afterwards use an app on my ipod to find out how much I've eaten. here are the results for week one:

its been going down really steadily from almost 3k a day <badbadbad> but I noticed something. I'm not supposed to go under1k, because its really really unhealthy in the long run. and since I've been working out a little, I'm essentially eating WAY less than is healthy. and not feeling it at all D:
I hope I'm not setting myself up for an Eating disorder ;^;

on another note, I'm teaching myself Swedish. Its trucking difficult.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wierder then Expected

seriously. day 3 and i had a cup of rice with veggies and a boiled egg for breakfast and im so full i want to die. how is this possible ;      ;
also figured this is a good time for my actual goals.
1k calories a day
3 bottles of water/day
try to do any working out (</3)

only 1k calories even though i know it isnt healthy because i know myself and i know my will power. 1k is not a lot, and i usually end up about 14, 13, or 12k. ;3
bottle water is hard because #1, im germophobic and the cups in my house arent fucking clean. i have one water bottle i refill from time to time but ive had to pee 5/6 times a day instead of 1/2 like when i drank 3 sodas
wtf yo.
also, going to start pics soon, just gotta figure out how im going about it.

Monday, January 2, 2012

So I'm starting a diet

>< new years resolutions yo
-learn to drive
-find a career
-get a new case for my computer and buy a better cpu and fans
so many fans

anyway. going from 'eat all the foods' to 1000 calorie limit. i dont care if it takes me all year but I WILL BE SKINNY GODDAMNIT.
and then ill go shopping with all the money i saved from not eating. but my sodas man ;     ;
water bottles are so plaaaaaainnn