Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I thought of Germany part 4

once we left dresden, we went to a little place called seiffen, a woodworking place full of quiant houses and the best tobaggon slide known to man.
we all went 2 times. then nerdbitch (this guy who thought he was super awesome cuz he'd been everywhere thrice and talked like a nerd and went to college full time since middle school. he read twilight the whole trip and im more than a little sure he was gay) had an allergic reaction to something and had to be taken to a hospital. >_> i lol'd even though tis terrible. in berlin he spent 5 hours wandering round a tiny lil place when we could have taken a bus and saved my poor bleeding feet. ill put that later if i get bored i spose....
ANYWAY, we went and meandered about the little open air museum type old town, bought some cool wood things... i got these two things called smokers. basically incense burners. the creation of the month was this family of dragons /)*3*(\ i wanted the scaredy one and the grandpa... but there was no more opas v.v so i got a mama dragon instead :3
for this one night we stayed at a jugendherberge that was actually an old CASTLE. SO. AWESOME.
4 room mates, we played i've never and i always, best part of the trip where i was around people >_>

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  1. The dragons sound cool. Quite an impressive story.

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