Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I thought of Germany part 1

so, first post.
In june I went on an exchange program to Germany. first impresion....the whole country reeks of cigarette smoke. that aside, gorgeous place. landed in frankfurt after a 9 hour flight and had to get on another to Berlin imediatly. Lets just say I'd never flown before so I just followed people. badly. i got lost 3 times >_>
anyway. first hotel was this sort of old, homey place with a rep for maids that take silly things like toothpaste. I'll say this now, I was at least a year older than every one else on the trip, to most of them i was 2 years older. I had to share a room at that hotel with 2 juniors that were already friends. I'm not social so it was a pain in the ass to be around people that much. first night i realised something. the stores didnt take my chase credit card and my mom had told me to buy things like soap in Germany too prevent somethign spilling. we werent allowed to go off on our own and no one knew how to use the banks. I had no soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, q tips; nothing. not even a towel because I'd packed in a hurry.
so the first week in Berlin was really really shitty.

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