Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I thought of Germany part 2

So. the first week.
well the first days were the worst. getting to know a bunch of strangers from school that were known for being cliche-ably preppy. three guys, 10 girls. shit gets bad.
anyway so basically the time we spent in Berlin was used for shopping and being forced into a group system so we all got to know each other. :l basically i kept having this one total bitch in my group. always scoffing or being particularly passive aggressive at anything i did. scoffing, sighing and crossing her arms, being an attention whore, all sorts of things that she only did when i mentioned i had to go to the bank, or go to a drugstore, or buy a souvenir.... >:C
highlights - I went to a German zoo, or at least part of it. we went late so we had to hurry but it was still pretty awesome. I bought a hat shaped like a polar bear.
sooo many souvenirs, and cheap restaurants! we went out every night and only spent maybe 5 euro a person. sooo awesome.
for most of the days we'd been given an objective, go here, take a picture of this, do that... generally annoying shit that no one did and we all lied about so we could buy alcohol and candy. Kadewe...could have been better. the first time i went, we got lost and didn't do anything. the second time i got ditched by the bitch from before and this other girl. alone with a pissed off, self loving musician, we stomped round the thing for hours until he finally gave in and went up to the FRONT GODDAMN DESK to call our teachers, then instead of taking the bus to the hotel, we walked. my feet were already murdering me and he was basically running >:C.
well any way we got back and they'd gone to the hotel to take naps :l great.
the day after the kadewe thing, we went on a tour of some museums and churches, which really were gorgeous. but my feet were literally bleeding so i was limping along behind everyone trying to have fun around scoffbitch and her posse. ugh.
the second to last day in Berlin we went to sachsenhousen concentration camp. apparently picked because it was one of the least grotesque camps. thanks school. i love having things picked for me. oh also we technically weren't supposed to drink either, the teacher was a mormon and disallowed even handing out the parental forms. :l didn't stop us though.

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