Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh. Oops.

I've been keeping track of how many calories I've been eating in a journal. I'd count here, but the blogger 'signyououtandloginasagmailaccount' thing doesn't make my computer happy.
ANYWAY, I've been posting about my goals and such, and as I'm seven days into my diet, thought I'd give a check in.

Basically what I've done to keep track of calories is write everything i eat, and afterwards use an app on my ipod to find out how much I've eaten. here are the results for week one:

its been going down really steadily from almost 3k a day <badbadbad> but I noticed something. I'm not supposed to go under1k, because its really really unhealthy in the long run. and since I've been working out a little, I'm essentially eating WAY less than is healthy. and not feeling it at all D:
I hope I'm not setting myself up for an Eating disorder ;^;

on another note, I'm teaching myself Swedish. Its trucking difficult.

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