Friday, February 17, 2012


well that was a fun month :l internet kept going, power kept going, HDD DIED >:C
diet got sidetracked as well :c
stuck to a low cal, but i lost track and counting was taking up way too much time. also, I found this Supplement called hgc that ive been using. supposedly its a pregnancy hormone designed to.... to... well, to help you lose weight somehow :l its been working though, the boots I bought as to use as a checkpoint fit now, so ive lost most of my huge calves ~~~<3
aaaahh, i need a scale though.

on another note, I may be moving in July x3 yaaay no more renting crappy houses. And once i move, Ill do a review on this city and more importantly, THIS house. You might not even beleive how terrible the condition Ive been living in is ;-;

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