Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wierder then Expected

seriously. day 3 and i had a cup of rice with veggies and a boiled egg for breakfast and im so full i want to die. how is this possible ;      ;
also figured this is a good time for my actual goals.
1k calories a day
3 bottles of water/day
try to do any working out (</3)

only 1k calories even though i know it isnt healthy because i know myself and i know my will power. 1k is not a lot, and i usually end up about 14, 13, or 12k. ;3
bottle water is hard because #1, im germophobic and the cups in my house arent fucking clean. i have one water bottle i refill from time to time but ive had to pee 5/6 times a day instead of 1/2 like when i drank 3 sodas
wtf yo.
also, going to start pics soon, just gotta figure out how im going about it.

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